Then You’d Love Me – Lady Gaga

Then You’d Love Me – Lady Gaga
sol-sol-DO-DO-sol-sol-mi-mi/ How could you ever let me go
sol-sol-DO-DO-sol-DO-sol-MI-RE-DO/ How could you ever-ever let me,
RE-DO-si/ go-ooh
sol-sol-DO-DO-sol-sol-mi-mi/ I scream your name across the bar
sol-sol-DO-DO-sol-DO-sol-MI-RE-DO/ I carry pictures of your Neil Young
RE-DO-si/ Guitar, guitar
re-RE-RE-si-la-sol-la-si/ No, I just can’t seem to forget you
re-RE-RE-si-la-sol-la-si/ Not ever just as long as I left you
re-RE-RE-si-la/ Never made it through, to you
re-RE-RE-si-la-sol-mi/You’re my baby, you
re-mi-sol-la-sol/ If I was the last girl,
re-mi-sol-la-sol/and you were the last boy
re-mi-sol-si-la/And here on this planet,
re-mi-sol-si-la/There was an earthquake
re-re-DO-si-sol-la/ Maybe then you’d love,
re-re-DO-si-sol/Maybe then you’d love me
sol-sol-sol-sol-DO-si-la-sol/ There was an earthquake if I was the last girl,
re-mi-sol-la-sol/ And you were the last boy
re-mi-sol-si-la/ And here on this planet,
re-mi-sol-si-la/ There was an earthquake
re-re-DO-si-sol/ Maybe then you’d love,
re-re-DO-si-sol-la/ Maybe then you’d love me
sol-sol-sol-sol-DO-si/ There was an earthquake


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