Best Web Browser for Windows 8

Best Web Browser for Windows 8Web Browser is the software used to open a web page. without a web browser, the computer can not open your favorite internet pages like faceboook, twitter, google + and others. The following are the results of news about some of the best web browsers.
Recent News And Events: 09/02/12: Google Chrome turns four years old. 09/06/12: Only 30% of Firefox users have sufficient hardware suitable for hardware acceleration. 09/13/12: Mozilla to launch new IonMonkey JavaScript engine in Firefox 18 on New Year’s Day. 09/14/12: Google discontinues support for IE8 in Google Apps. 15/09/12: Google intends to add a Do Not Track to Chrome at the end of this year. 09/20/12: Microsoft says Safari users to switch to Bing after Google found violating privacy settings. 09/10/12: Mozilla Firefox 16 release 10/11/12: Mozilla Firefox 16 attractive because of security concerns, while urging users to downgrade. 10/26/12: Microsoft releases Windows 8, including Internet Explorer 10. 27/10/12: Yahoo intends to ignore the Do Not Track requests from IE10, claims it does not have to default. 30/10/12: Mozilla Send Cakes to Microsoft IE Team Congrats to IE10 31/10/12: Mozilla Browser screen voice says lost their costs 6-9000000 download Firefox. 11/06/12: Microsoft calls IE10 fastest Web browser, quoting the New Relic, Strangeloop Networks, and RoboHornet Pro Tom’s Hardware results. 11/10/12: Mozilla Firefox 18 claims will be reduced start time up to 25%. 12/11/12: Google says Chrome 26% faster than last year, according to its own benchmark Octane.


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