My favorite feature in Windows 8

After the months, I have been able to adapt to a variety of new efficient feature in Windows 8. And some of them are a few features of Windows 8, which is enough to make me comfortable in operating the operating system from Microsoft this.

My favorite feature in Windows 8

7 My favorite feature in Windows 8

Quick Boot Up Time

This is the first feature my favorite. Windows 8 has a fast boot-up time, load and boot up speed has improved significantly compared with previous Microsoft Operating Systems. When you turn off your system has Windows 8, hibernate your system kernel, in a way that it becomes a partial hibernation each time. Then when you reboot, the memory of the previous session will be reinitialized quicker.


The second feature of my favorites is the SkyDrive or Microsoft’s cloud storage where we can store files and documents we peibadi photographs. I can access my documents wherever and whenever needed. Can of Tablet Windows 8 I or from other handsett.



With this feature we can find out the latest news from our friends on Facebook or Twitter without opening a web browser and log in to the social media website. We simply open the People menu then select who the target and go deh their pictures. Of the finished Friend wrote on Faccebook

In depth Search Functions

In depth Search Functions

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 has enhanced search functionality with powerful capabilities. You only need to enter your search in the start menu and all the wonderful new matching applications, files, settings, games etc will appear, giving an even number of matching terms infront of each, as shown in the picture above.
For example if you are looking for a particular chat history in skype or other windows application, just type the person’s name, click on the app and you will be able to see the desired results.

Dynamic and Colorful Desktop

Dynamic and Colorful Desktop

Metro User Interface Provides a different sensation when you work with a computer, we can easily find a short cut application to be used on the metro UI tamplan very colorfull and not boring.

Windows Live Syncing

new features of Windows 8 will give the user to log in from a different PC that they have the same operating system, Windows 8, the Windows Live ID that will get them their personal ID settings they have set on their machines.
You do not need to change all your settings now, when migrating to a new computer, just login from Windows Live account and all your settings will be synchronized to use this feature.

Windows To Go

Windows To Go is one of the features in the new OS, which provides the most convenience to the user. This feature allows the user to copy the wallpaper, settings, applications and files, in a nutshell allows users to create a complete copy of their Windows 8 operating system to an external hard drive or USB. You can then plug the USB to another PC with Windows 8 installed, and boot the PC OS that looks exactly like you would normally use.
Now users can easily carry the work of the office in a portable drive rather than carry a laptop or desktop machine.


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