expect a lot of changes to the windows blue

changes to the  windows blue
changes to the  windows blue

LondonAs news quoted from Pocket-Lint, the initial project development for the Windows Blue windows, which is rumored to be a successor of Windows 8, had spread the news on the internet for a long time, of course, the new windows will come with some changes and improvements. and I hope the changes made by microsoft on blue windows will enable users especially novice user operating system Windows 8. and also the resolution of standard blue windows installation, because I got a problem when installing windows 8 on anetbook that only has a resolution of 1024 x 600 while the minimum requirement to be able to install windows 8 is 1024 x 768.

The news stated that there was no problem when installing Windows Blue oprasi system into a 32-bit computer. Just as Windows Phone 8, Windows Blue has the ability to customize the size of the tile squares on the welcome screen (start).

Windows Blue Users can resize the title. In addition it also features swipe at Windows 8. this is the difference with windows 8. In Windows 8 tile that can change size, just tile of standard applications, while third-party applications can not be changed.

For Windows Blue, users can also perform multitasking by running two applications side by side, simultaneously.

Various sources state that Windows Blue intended to incorporate the differences between Windows Phone 8 with Windows 8. In addition, Windows 8 is rumored to also be less costly.

Also reported that the operating system Windows Blue will be released in 2013.


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