upgrade Windows Live Messenger to Skype Now

upgrade Windows Live Messenger to Skype Now
upgrade Windows Live Messenger to Skype Now

One Instant Messenger is famous and popular among internet users, especially users of Windows OS, as Windows Messenger application is part of the Microsoft Windows Essential suite formerly known as Windows Live Essentials (WLE).
Later in 2011, precisely in May, Microsoft acquired Skype and replace with Windows Live Messenger (WLM) service Skype service is planned to be done on March 15, 2013. Notice on the part of Microsoft to WLM users by sending emails to users who WLM contents of the letter is essentially asks the WLM users to upgrade to the Skype service.
Here are the contents of an email from microsoft:
“On March 15, 2013 we retired Messenger service available globally (except for mainland China where the Messenger will continue to be available) and bring the great features of Messenger and Skype together. Update for Skype and sign in using the Microsoft Account (same as ID Messenger) Messenger contacts and all of you will be at your fingertips. you will be able to instant message and video chat with them as before, and also find new ways to stay in touch with Skype on your mobile and tablets.
then immediately we are preparing to upgrade to WLM service skype until the due date of March 15, 2013, because after that date and can not upgrade and WLM account you will automatically be deleted.

If you are interested in trying skype now, please visit www.skype.com


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