Blackberry z10 in terms of application, Battery, and Camera

Application & Ecosystems Blackberry Z10

BB 10 has been supported by more than 70 thousand applications – including essential applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WhatsApp and Angry Birds. However, there is no Path, Instagram, and Pinterest. This amount is still far from expectations, but it was enough for now.
People often too fuss about the problem in a number of applications in the operating system environment. That’s important, but I never think of it as a decision factor. After all, everyday you were not using up 25-30 applications.
Speaking from the perspective of developers, 10 BB offers a better development environment than the BB 7 and Android.

Battery Blackberry Z10

Z10 certainly not seawet Motorola Razr Maxx HD, but the batteries enough to last up to one day of use. I do not consider it annoying, though many people complained about the quality of this battery.

Camera Blackberry Z10

BB 10 presents several advantages in camera. Some of them may seem a gimmick course.
When in camera mode, you can tap the screen anywhere to take pictures. There are no buttons, which I find interesting.
Feature feature is the “Time Shift” that lets you take a lot of photos in burst mode, and then choose the best result. This feature comes with face recognition that can recognize certain facial expressions and choose the best. Would have been useful in situations group photo.
Camera quality is generally mediocre. However, the video quality is better than other top smartphones in the market.

Conclusion of Blackberry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 is wonderful. This is a major step in the progress of the BlackBerry. Many of its features are better than the ones in the market today. OS, keyboard, and browser are some of them.
The number of applications still need to be improved and BlackBerry also had to work hard to improve the quality in the next 12 months.
Is BB 10 more solid than Android? Yes. Is the Z10 is better than the iPhone 5? In some ways, yes.
BlackBerry today reminds me of Apple in 2007 – bold, energetic, and innovative.
I’m not saying I see a clear future for BlackBerry, the company, but Z10 is a good reference to what future should look like and nothing less.


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