how to connect facebook in windows 8

One of Windows 8′s most-touted new options is its folks hub, which mixes a comprehensive contact list with the power to scan and post to Twitter and Facebook. Photo’s from friend’s who is have recently updated conjointly seem on the folks hub’s live tile and you’ll even produce dedicated tiles for individual friends.

To add your Twitter, Facebook  or alternative social media account to Windows 8:

1. on Metro UI Open the people app.

windows 8 to connect social networking

2. Click “Connected to”in the higher right corner of the screen. The Accounts menu seems.

3, Click Add associate account.

4. choose a social network you want to feature associate account from. Right now, the applications suports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

5. Click on Connect.

6. Log in to your account. A screen seems expression that “you’re ready to go.”

7. Click on Done.

8. repeat the steps from the beginning if you want to add other social networking accounts such as twitter, hotmail, outlook etc.


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