How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

Windows 8 includes a recovery feature referred to as Automatic Repair that tries to mechanically diagnose and fix common problems which will cause Windows 8 to not begin properly.  Automatic Repair can begin mechanically once Windows is unable to begin properly. Once started, it’ll scan numerous settings, configuration choices, and system files for corrupt files and settings.  If it detects something, it’ll mechanically arrange to fix them for you.
To access Automatic Repair within the Windows Recovery setting you wish to travel to the Windows eight begin Screen and kind Advanced. once the search results seem click on the Settings class as shown below.

How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

Now click on the choice labeled  Advanced startup choices and you may be delivered to the final computer Settings screen. Scroll right down to all-time low till you see associate possibility labeled  Advanced startup. Click on the Restart currently button and Windows eight can restart your pc and go directly into the Advanced Startup choices menu.

How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

Now click on the Troubleshoot button and so the Advanced choices button. once the advanced choices screen opens, click on the automated Repair possibility. Your pc can currently bring up and you may then be shown a screen wherever Windows states it’s making ready Automatic Repair. once it’s done, you may be shown a screen wherever you {wish} to pick associate Administrator account that you just wish to login with.

How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

Please click on the account you want to use. If your account contains a word thereon, you may be needed to enter it and so click on the Continue button to continue with the automated repair. Automatic can currently begin and arrange to diagnose the matter together with your pc.

How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

The automatic repair method will take a quite whereas, therefore please twiddling my thumbs whereas Automatic Repair tries to seek out a repair startup issues in Windows eight. throughout this method your pc might bring up. this is often absolutely traditional and zilch to fret concerning. Once the automated repair method has completed it’ll tell if you if it absolutely was able to repair something. If it absolutely was unable to repair something you may be shown a prompt asking if you want to ending or use another tools.

How to using Automatic Repair on Windows 8

At this time, if your pc continues to be unable to begin up, you must you click on the Advanced choices button, followed by Troubleshoot, and at last Advanced choices. On this screen you’ll be able to choose different tools to use to diagnose your downside. For a unsuccessful automatic repair, the most effective step to undertake next is to use System Restore, that contains a guide listed below.


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