windows blue or windows 9 is the development of Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8, Microsoft is expected to continue to focus on changes in the Windows version of its next scheduled named Windows 9.

There is no official confirmation of the presence of the platform, but the latest rumors, Microsoft has entered the process of developing a new operating system. Some employees have updated information on social networks to say this but there is no specific information.
However, according to information leaked on the Windows 9 ItHome will use Windows Next documentary (or vNext) to develop, and the product is code-named Windows Blue.
http://microwindows8.blogspot.comBefore that Microsoft was using Windows vNext at one point as reference materials in the process of developing operating systems before Windows 8 Developer Release version was released in September last year. But Windows can say that Blue is the code name more attractive.
Although no official confirmation about it, but the highlight information that there are many things to learn about Windows 9, starting with the improvements that Microsoft bundled with it can include icons. Windows 8 has created the icons and logo to replace the traditional Windows logo, Windows 9 which can also be done the same thing.
Meanwhile, the version number for Windows Build 9 also continue to create more speculation. RTM version codenamed Windows 8 Build 9200 is the first though is expected 8888. According Win8China said, if Microsoft started with the new platform is sure it will start with the Build 9000 although the final version may fall into one of the values ​​9400, 9600 or 9800.
For many Windows 8 might not be the foundation of the next choice for them, especially those who like to work with the traditional mouse and keyboard. Hopefully, if they did not change his mind with Windows 8, Windows 9 will provide a more viable option so that they can move to the new Windows platform.


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