How To Turn CAPS Lock into a Dedicated Windows Key

The Windows secret is most likely the foremost necessary key in Windows eight since it’s a part of such a large amount of new keyboard shortcuts.

Now if you have got been victimization associate degree previous keyboard that doesn’t have a fervent Windows key or if you’d prefer to add another Windows key to your  keyboard for easy access, what you’ll do is remap the rarely-used CAPS lock key and switch it into a Windows key. Here’s how:

Remap the CAPS Lock Key in Windows
To remap any key in Windows, you wish to create bound changes to the Windows written record. Since this could be daunting to most users, there square measure tools offered that allow you map one key to a different while not twiddling with the written record.

Sharpkeys and Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator square measure fashionable programs that perform key remapping however I like ScanMapSet since it needs no installation and once the desired keys are mapped, you’ll simply delete the utility.

 transfer the scanmapset.exe file and place it in, say, c:\temp folder.
Open the prompt in Windows as associate degree administrator (video tutorial).
Switch to the temporary worker folder (using cd) and run the subsequent command.
scanmapset.exe -s capslock=lwindows
Restart your Windows pc and therefore the CAPS lock key can currently operate as a Windows key.


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