windows blue as the successor to Windows 8 reportedly will soon release

Windows 8 has just launched a few months ago at the end of October, but news about the next generation of Microsoft’s operating system that has begun to circulate. 

According to a forum member PCBeta cited by Phone Arena, the successor to Windows 8, known as the “Windows Blue” also has another alias, ie “Windows 9 Dev”. 

Blue Windows called Windows version will be priced will have a new user interface, including the platform and the price changes. Microsoft seems to want so that everyone can use Windows Blue with membanderol relatively cheap or even free to increase the number of users. 

Windows Blue Penerus Windows 8 Akan Diliris Pertengahan Tahun 2013

As Windows Phone 8, the operating system will have a display saying Live Tiles, application size can be changed as the user desires. 

Microsoft also called will maintain desktop environments such as previous versions of Windows, but it will change the interface appearance to look more “flat” and aligned with the visual concept promoted by Metro-style user interface. 
In it, Microsoft may be using the new Windows kernel, version 6.3, that will make things run more smoothly. Other improvements include support for tablet-sized 7 and 8 inches, which is still not in the Windows ecosystem. 

Interestingly, due to the version of Windows is being used by many users as possible, Microsoft is also rumored to be delivering update “Windows Blue” for free around mid-2013 or later. 


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