Botting Process Faster In Windows 8

Botting Process Faster In Windows 8terjadi because a new feature called the Hybird boot. Basically it is a process of booting between hibernation and normal booting. If the hibernation mode, all files stored in the same state, then the Hybird mode boot, system files are stored. That’s why when the boot process can go quickly.

Hybird boot enabled by default in Windows 8, but this feature can be set to be disabled or re-enabled. And here are the steps you have to do to run a Quick Botting Process In Windows 8, namely:

1. Open the Start menu, type Control Panel, and then select the menu hadware and Sound – Power Options, and then select the Choose what the power buttons to do.

2. Look at the bottom, at the Shtudown settings, see the menu Turn on fast start up. Remove the check mark in front of him to run Fast Boot Process In Windows 8.

3. Save your changes and close the Control Panel.

4. Restart your PC or laptop and see the changes.


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