The five forecasts Microsoft in 2013 as a plan

Here are five forecasts Microsoft in 2013 as a plan called Jay Greene:

1. Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft is expected to flood the world market with a tablet device operating system is fully Windows 8, not Windows RT.

Major test on the new device is the weight and battery capacity, ie Surface Pro which is expected to slide in January 2013 for $ 899 U.S. dollars (about Rp 8, 63 million).

2. New smartphone. In addition to tablets, Microsoft is also expected to launch smart mobile devices (smartphones) along with the increase of new Windows Phone-powered smartphones in the market.

Companies based in Redmond Washington U.S. has launched a mobile phone Kin ONE and Kin TWO aged two months after the market launch.

3. Xbox Next. Microsoft does not seem to be stopping on the Xbox digital games, given the success of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is expected to launch the device named “Xbox Next” or “Xbox 720” On the implementation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, June 2013.

4. Skype as the main service. Service-based video conversations in the network (online) Microsoft, Skype, will be used as the name of the instant messaging services Windwos Live Messenger and Lync, devoted to the companies.

Microsoft will be more expansive with the use of the word “Skype” on various Internet-based services including Skype for Windows Phone and Xbox apps.

5. Office 15. The main product to be launched is the Microsoft Office 15 in the first quarter of 2013.

Products Office 15 it would be finish its touch screen devices such as a touch screen PC and notebook touch screen in addition to tablets and smartphones.


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