why you should upgrade to Windows 8 ?

some reason the upgrade to Windows 8
1. the price is cheaper.
Microsoft reportedly will lower the price for Windows 8 to $ 40 until 2012.

2. better performance
performance shown windows 8 better than the performance of windows 7 even with the same hardware specs

3. setting a fixed
Microsoft Windows 8 is designed for the storage of the cloud. Once you log into the Microsoft account, then you terrekam apps and preferences in the cloud. When you log in on another PC, the settings and preferences will didownloaded Windows 8 so that you get where you are.

4. no choice refresh / resset factory default
different from previous versions, if your windows are having problems and can not return anymore, then you must reinstall. but in windows 8 you do not need to do it. enough to refresh, then the system is returned to the manufacturer settings, maybe it is frequently encountered on a mobile phone that already has an operating system like windows phone, android or blackberry.

5. storage
With Windows 8 software-based RAID hardware failure then the problem where data is deleted are no longer valid

6. history file
Windows 8 File History Program will periodically save a copy of the files in Libraries, Desktop, Favorites, and Contactstores which has undergone a change do the reverse when needed


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