Target users of Windows 8

Target users of Windows 8
appropriate for the launch of the official website microsoft Windows8 Windows8 that actually is intended for computer users who have berpengalaman.karena basically the operating system is still in the preview stage, meaning that the operating system is not perfect. there may be many flaws in Microsoft‘s new operating system made ​​it.
This is an excerpt from the official microsoft. “We strongly recommend that only experienced PC users to download Windows 8 Preview Release. before you download a preview, you have to weigh the pros and cons of installing the software is still in development. If you install the release preview, you‘ll get to try a lot of new features, but you can also find mistakes that you would not find using the released version of Windows.

Here is a thing that should be considered in meginstal software operating system Windows 8 Release Preview:

if you are using the latest hardware or a PC and want to enjoy the latest operating system trial
prepare new computers including formatting the hard drive and install the operating system from scratch.
you can solve computer problems after installing Windows 8 preview release
you do not mind updating software, such as drivers, and other supporting software.
        You have installation or recovery media and knowledge to restore your previous operating system after you have finished testing the Windows 8 Preview Release.

Thus some of the suggestions before you install microsoft windows 8 preview release


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